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Impact Investing: How You Can Make a Difference Through Your Portfolio

What is Impact Investing?  Impact investing is an investing strategy where you use your money as a tool for social or environmental good. While impact investors still aim to make a return on their investment, they’re selective about the companies and sectors they invest in. 

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Entrepreneurship 101: Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors

TV shows and movies like to show corporate boardrooms as chock full of dramatic office politics. For a lot of first time entrepreneurs, that Hollywood idea of a board might be the first thing that comes to mind. But in real life, things couldn’t be more different. As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely h...

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Crowdfunding vs. Equity Crowdfunding: What's the Difference?

Crowdfunding vs. Equity Crowdfunding: What's the Difference? Although “crowdfunding” and “equity crowdfunding” are sometimes used interchangeably, there are big differences between the two types of fundraising. As an investor or entrepreneur, you may be wondering which one is a better fit for you. W...

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