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Impact Investing: How You Can Make a Difference Through Your Portfolio

What is Impact Investing? Impact investing is an investing strategy where you use your money as a tool for social or environmental good. While impact investors still aim to make a return on their investment, they’re selective about the companies and sectors they invest in.

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How 5 Emerging Startups Adapted and Grew in Response to Covid-19

2020 was a uniquely difficult year for startups as Covid-19 impacted every sector. Yet the biggest problems often bring about the most innovative solutions and many entrepreneurs did what they do best: adapt. We spoke to 5 emerging, disruptive startups we work with about how they pivoted or stayed t...

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5 Marketing Tips for Q4, the Most Expensive Time for Digital Marketing

Why Q4 is an Expensive Time to Market Your Offering Quarter 4 (Q4) includes October, November and December. While it’s called the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also known as the most expensive time for marketing. During this period, digital marketing is dominated by big spenders in the retai...

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What 3 New SEC Rules Mean for Investors and Businesses in the Online Private Markets

The online private markets have become a disruptive tool for companies of all sizes seeking funding. In 2016 the JOBS Act empowered private companies to raise capital online through Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), sometimes called equity crowdfunding. Four years later, companies with successful Re...

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