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Why You Should Create a Community for Your Startup

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed why startup teams are fundamental to your success, and how to build one. Beyond your team, your startup also needs a community.

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Creating Your Startup Dream Team: How to Convince People to Join Your Startup Team

In previous installments of our Creating the Startup Dream Team blog series we explored who you might need on your team and where you can find talented people to join your startup. In our final installment, we discuss why your core team matters and how you can make the pitch to early team members.

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Creating Your Start-up Dream Team: Where to Find & Hire Talent

High-skilled, experienced talent is everywhere nowadays, especially since working remotely is now more accessible. But how do you actually start finding talent? Netcapital Advisors spoke with Arist Co-Founder Maxine Anderson to help us answer that question and outlined a few places for you to start ...

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Creating Your Startup Dream Team: 6 Types of People You’ll Need to Hire

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of (and lived) the phrase “wearing multiple hats”. It’s inevitable as a small business owner that you occasionally step in to fill the gaps in your team. However, if you’re in the process of expanding your business or looking further down the road, there are...

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